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BlogRush Gets Upgrade; Still Waiting On The Rush

October 31, 2007 | Marketing, Web Tools

Early this morning John Reese enthusiastically announced the release of the long awaited “Phase 2″ of BlogRush. It seems they have put quite a bit of work into it and made some significant upgrades. Let’s take a look at what’s new.


I’ll admit I’m a sucker for stats and BlogRush definitely delivers on this front. BlogRush not only provides all the stats you would expect, they also look fantastic.

New Blog Rush Dasboard

The stats displayed on the dashboard include “Credits Earned From Your Traffic”, “Credits Earned From Your Referral Network”, “Where Your Credits Come From”, “Current Bloggers In Your Network”, “Current Credit Balance”, a breakdown of your referrals by level, a “Credit Earnings Report”, and a breakdown of impressions and clicks for you 12 most recent posts.


The reports section is nice feature for those who wish to review stats over a specified time period. Stats include credits earned from your traffic, from your referrals traffic, referrals in your network and a breakdown of impressions and clicks from posts shown during the specified time period.

New Blog Rush Reports


I don’t remember if this feature was available before today’s release or not. Either way, it’s worth mentioning as the majority of your control over the BlogRush widget is found here.

New Blog Rush Filters

In this section there are 3 options: “Control”, “Keyword” and “URL”. Using these filters will allow you to prevent one of your articles from being syndicated across the network, or prevent an article or even an entire URL from being displayed in the widget on your site.


BlogRush definitely looks better, but will it start to generate the amount of traffic that could be categorized as a rush? I like the idea and it looks as if John Reese and crew are putting in the effort, but I still have my doubts. Let’s face it, click through rates are horrible. Sure one could probably improve them a bit with better titles and placement, but it seems like an awful lot of effort and real estate for something that has yet to prove itself.

There are still improvements to come, including new categories, so I’m going to stick with it awhile longer. I do like the idea and would like to see it succeed, but it needs to step up soon. Otherwise the rate at which people are jumping ship will increase and their won’t be much of network left.

What do you think of the BlogRush improvements? Has your CTR increased/decreased since the launch? Will BlogRush ever perform the way we all want it to?

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One Response to “BlogRush Gets Upgrade; Still Waiting On The Rush”

  1. MyAvatars 0.2 Symbian |

    Still blogrush is not really useful because of low traffic to blog. This you can see even in their promo video.